GTA Batman:The Dark Knight (v2) (Link Fixed)

This is a total conversion from TDKSonicUnleashed. There is not a lot of information about specifics, but File Details has the most info I could find.
File details:
Author: TDKSonicUnleashedGrand Theft Auto – The Dark KnightWhat are we aiming for ?well we wanna do something . realistic as a tribute to this spetacular movie, and also see how far we can go in the project, we have alot of ideas stuffs are being made now
you also may know this mod from Gta Forum ,Have you Guys done anything so far know ? and How many people are doing this ?Well as far as i know . We have so far … The best Trumbler , ( but a new one with better look and fixed wheels is being made) we have the Batpod ( also its being remade due some bugs)
the9thcell made a litle scrip so when we are in the Trumbler ( batmancar) we change to the batpod just like in the movie (knightprowl also edited the code to make it better to the mo)
Also we have a Beta MentMore Towers and a batcave But the new Helper that actualy is me ( TDK Sonic UNleashed) i am remaking it , making it so far the best Model of MentMore Towers and batcave you will see , since i am adding details to the new model and Make it low polyAnd now the last question . How this Mod started?Ahah… that is a good question . Well with i am not wrong this mod started , for Fun
yeh i mean. in the being when our friend KnightProwl started making it … was meant to be something to be, just a model change and add some stuff there and here , you know those Mods people do for fun
But then he realised that he wanted to go Further and make it the best Batman mod so far and so we are hereOnce again Thanks for the interview we apreciated it alot.Nah , We are the ones that apreciate it (also i wanna add something. sorry for my lack of vocabulary errors ) But i am not English and i am Portuguese so sorry for any lack of vocabulary, Once again thanks and i hope see you guys soon!

File name:GTA_Dark_Knight_Begins_V2.0_BETA.rarSize:16.30 MB



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