Terminator 2 Judgment Game MOD PART 1 (Link Fixed)


This mod by Fapsamup features More than 15 minutes of cinematics based on the original movie, More than 25 missions, about 2 and a half hours of gameplay, New weapons, New menu screens and more.
File details:
GTA SA Terminator 2 Judgment Game MOD Part 1 The modding was started in the summer of 2008 and is being developed by a one man crew: Myself. (Modding, scripting and texturing) The MOD is: For GTA SA and T2 fans only :-p. This project has now been divided into different parts. The MOD includes PART 1. PART 2 will be released soon.GTA SA Terminator 2 Judgment Game MOD PART 1 includes:
-Cinematics based on the original movie and new ones specially made for the mod, all of them with audio.
-The first 3 missions of the movie: The Arrival, The Bar Fight and Exit The Corral. (+ at the end you’ll be free to roam around)
-New weapons: Sawnoff & Colt54 modified.
-New menu screens.
-New loading screens.
-New sounds.
-New radar.
-New textures: The Bikers, T-800 (half)naked, T-800 with Leather Jacket, Leather pants and Boots.
-New vehicle: The Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Author: David “DMC” Midrla
-New Model: T-800 Endoskeleton model by BEESWAX.SPECIAL THANX: Dutch gtaforum (all the people who helped me “Leumas” aka FAPSAMUP)
& Daniel B.More information about the author can be found at http://www.youtube.com/fapsamup

File name:Terminator_2_Judgment_Game_GTA_SA_MOD_-_PART_1.rarSize:699.63 MB



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