Get CJ High and DrunkMod 1.15 (GTA San Andreas)

Here is a modification that will make CJ high and Drunk, with this mod you will be able to drink alcohol and smoke weed.File details:=====================================
||”get CJ High and DrunkMod” v1.15 ||
|| ||
||by : rolla (rollajj on GTAforums)||
Description: Grab one of the 4 pickups:-Beer for just drinking from (no effects).-Wine/Rum for drinking and getting drunk (swervy screen and handling respose degrade)-Blunt for just smoking (no high).-Weed plant for smoking and getting high (swervy scren, handling degrade, and gamespeed drop).in 3 locations:

-new game spawn (go left up onto the lawn)

-Ryders backyard

-The Bar


-BACKUP your original main.scm(Rockstar gamesGTA San Andreasdatascripts), and replace it with this one.

-run san andreas and START A NEW GAME because old savegames will NOT work. If you want though, you can save games
with my mod on, so you can open them up later with my mod on so you don’t have to start a new game every time.

tips/known bugs:

when entering a car, hit enter 2 or 3 times, as the first time you hit enter it deletes the blunt (so
you can enter a car) and doesn’t always continue with the enter car function.

If you have one bottle in hand and pickup the other, it will delete the bottle you have etc.
like you picked up your own bottle’s pickup. Just pickup the other bottle once the pickups come back again. This
also applies to the weed and blunt.

I threw a lowrider (it sometimes has hydraulics) in just for fun ;). It is located outside CJ’s house and has “ROLLA” on
the licence plate :):).


v1.15: Added: Driving animations (smoking and drinking).
Added: New smoking animation (the one the gangs use) with exhale of smoke.
Fixed: Put spaces in time between the drink animation, so it doesn’t look goofy.
Fixed: Renamed variables to word descriptions rather than numbers to avoid conflict with other code.
Removed: Light-blunt animation when you pickup the blunt/weed. It conflicts with the stand animation.
Removed: Removed the beer bottle from CJ’s hand (the pickup is still there, but the gang bottle will spawn instead)

v1.1: Renamed project to “Get CJ High and Drunk Mod”
Fixed – While driving, when you do a drive-by the gun will appear (for real this time).
Fixed – when you pick up brass knuckles, the bottle/blunt will still be there.
Added – beer bottle for drinking from (no effects).
Added – wine/rum bottle for drinking and getting drunk (swervy screen and handling response degrade)
Added – Blunt pickup for just smoking (no high).
Fixed (I hope) – made efforts to combat the high/drunk wearing off.
Fixed – Made the weed pickup lower to the ground

v1.05: Fixed – going into smoke mode with a gun no longer happens.
Fixed – While driving, when you do a drive-by the gun will appear.

v1.0: Initial Release

I hope you enjoy this mod!


MrTi from for getting me started and answering all my questions 🙂

this was loosly based on a drunkmod from spinnies page (forums), I thought I’d mention that (even though
barely any of it is left).

Once again, enjoy!


Size: 1.04 M



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