Realistic Driving n Flying 2.0 (GTA IV Mod)

Title: Realistic Driving n Flying 2.0
Author: Olaf “Killatomate” von Fritsch
Author Email: olaf.von.fritsch [at] ewetel [net]
Author Homepage:
Date: 01.05.2009
Filsize: 0.81 MB

The most popular mod is handling in the next round. In over 100 hours of work, all vehicles were again individually reviewed. Drifting and control has been improved for all vehicles. All cars are now driven in the correct axis. At the helicopters I made 70 hours to make the flight model as realistic as possible with GTA4 physics and AI. 

Key features of the mod: 

-Realistic cars 
-Realistic Motorcycles 
-Realistic helicopter (loops and rolls available!) 
Improved vehicle-spawning (optional) 
-Improved weapons (optional) 
Optimized for gamepad and keyboard (special version for keyboard attached) 

All 111 vehicles were revised in several steps. 


realistic acceleration 
realistic braking force 
new distribution of braking forces on all vehicles 
realistic hand brake 
realistic grip 
realistic Vmax 
realistic air resistance for all vehicles 
new ratio 
Real Gears 
new priorities 
new turning radii 
sluggish motorcycles, new animations 
To change the spring rate / shock absorbers 
all vehicles rebalanced -> more realistic over-and understeer 
+50% Deformation of the vehicles in a crash 
Bullet bring the cars do not explode as quickly 

More details are available in the readme and changelog. 
In the download is a list with the performance of all cars and motorcycles is included. 

This is a remake of the most popular handling mod. More than 100 hours have been spent on reworking every single vehicle. Steering and drifting of every car has been improved. Furthermore, i spent 70 hours working on helicopters in order to make them as realistic as possible (within the limits of GTA4 physics and AI). 

Key Features: 

-realistic cars 
-realistic bikes 
-realistic helicopters (ability to flip them over!) 
-improved vehicle spawning (optional) 
-improved weapons (optional) 
-optimized for both gamepad and keyboard (special keyboard version included) 

All 111 vehicles have been reworked one by one. 


realistic acceleration 
realistic brake strength 
new brake force bias for all cars 
realistic e-brake 
realistic traction 
realistic top speed 
realistic air drag for all vehicles 
new gear ratio 
real amount of gears 
new centre of mass 
slower lateral shift of weight for bikes 
new suspension and shocks 
all cars re-balanced for less understeering 
+50% deformation on impact 
gunfire wont blow up cars so easlily 

more details and a chart about the performance of each car are to be found in the download. 




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