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GTA IV: San Andreas mod (beta) (GTA IV Mod)

Title: GTA IV: San Andreas mod (beta)
Author: IV:San Andreas Team
Author Homepage:
Date: 10.08.2011
Filsize: 0.972 MB


Description: This download includes a setup file which downloads and installs the mod for you. If you prefer downloading the mod manually, you can use this torrent:DOWNLOAD Torrent 

Work in GTAIV and EFLC 
Have fun ! 

San Andreas on RAGE Engine 

+ Version Information + 

Mod version: 0.2.2 (BETA Release Candidate 3) 
Launcher version: 
Release date: July 28th, 2011 

+ Description + 

GTA IV: San Andreas is a total conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, which will bring back the good old San Andreas map into GTA IV, using the powerful RAGE Engine. 


> GTA IV: San Andreas Mod Team 
Christian Remers (Blaster_nl) – Map Converter 
Martijn van Berkel (Flitskikker) – Graphics Artist, Tools Programmer, Deployment 
Pier Gonbo (XZS) – Graphics Artist, Trailer 
Filip Vogleš (GTARandom) – Map Converter 
Jessy Condette (Tanjes) – Map Converter 
Bartłomiej Paśnik (City_Poke912) – Map Converter 
Luis Skinfill (quechus13) – Weapons Converter, CJ 
AJ Collins (Gamerzworld) – Web, Hosting, Scripts 
Sani Gad (Beat) – Trailer 
Juris Āboliņš (Jur1z) – Vehicles Converter 
Kowally George (kowally) – Vehicles Converter 
Florian Fischer (Threepwood) – Vehicles Converter 
Chris Niby (monster875.) – Vehicles Converter 
Paweł Bajdiuk (pecet) – Vehicles Converter 
Raul Leon (EverLost123) – Sounds Converter 
Noel Gamo (Mr.NubzZ) – ENB Configuration 

> Additional Work 
(yurban) – Project Oblivion 
Lianne Tracy (xxLiannexx) – Vehicles Converter 
(XTREME0235) – Vehicles Converter 
Nick Kjellman (nkjellman) – Additional Vehicles Converter 
Jonathan Gustafsson (zzcool) – Additional Vehicles Converter 

> EFLC Port 
AJ Collins (Gamerzworld) 
Martijn van Berkel (Flitskikker) 
Nick Kjellman (nkjellman) 

> Setup & Launcher Application 
Martijn van Berkel (Flitskikker) 

> Installation & Deployment 
Martijn van Berkel (Flitskikker) 
assisted by Christian Remers (Blaster_nl) 
and AJ Collins (gamerzworld) 
powered by InstallShield by Flexera Software 

> Localization 
Martin Stilqnov Vutov (msvu) – Bulgarian 
Filip Vogleš (GTARandom) – Croatian 
Karlo Hrlić (NikDelgad) – Croatian 
Tomáš Řeháček (Tomasrehy) – Czech 
(monster875.) – Danish 
Martijn van Berkel (Flitskikker) – Dutch 
Martijn van Berkel (Flitskikker) – English 
(GtADuuuDe) – Finnish 
(nine30) – French 
Dominik Schöll (DS 17) – German 
Dennis Pajic (countergame) – German 
([WS]StaticX) – Greek 
(kisaattila) – Hungarian 
Yulius K. (69_black_69) – Indonesian 
(Coolstream) – Norwegian 
Emil Czerwiński (p1mp) – Polish 
(LeitoPL) – Polish 
(RayceXtreme) – Portuguese 
(WarPaz) – Portuguese 
(575Andrew) – Romanian 
(Alexgt) – Romanian 
Mihail Ryabets (Mike_2594) – Russian 
(Vega777) – Serbian 
Denis Režonja (epiccooler1) – Slovenian 
(Death2Drugs) – Spanish 
(Tomix23) – Spanish 
(goin-god) – Spanish 
(PrometheusX) – Swedish 
(NewGenr) – Turkish 
(Joker64) – Turkish 

> Closed BETA Testing 
Dennis Pajic (countergame) 
Dominik Schöll (DS 17) 
Denis Režonja (epiccooler1) 
David Durus (J0k3rXXL) 
Ben Kalvin (ManDog) 
Emil Czerwiński (p1mp) 
Kevin Antonow (Performer) 
Joseph Murphy (roachfingers) 

> Web Team 
AJ Collins (gamerzworld) 

> Special Tools 
Martijn van Berkel (Flitskikker) 

> Special thanks to 
Rockstar Games 
Rockstar North 
RAGE Technology Group 

GTA IV : San Andreas Wonderful Boat Trip




San Andreas Re Textured 3 (Conversion Mod)

Description: This mod replaces most of the textures in the game with a higher quality ones.File details:1.What’s SRt ? 
It means Sanandreas Re-Textured. It is at least the initial name of the project which the goal is to re-texture any piece/object of Sanandreas with textures of much higher quality. 
2. Since when this MOD exist? 
Since August 2005, i.e. nearly 2 year. 
3. Why release the MOD into parts? 
Because I’m alone on the project, and to put end to end parts of the MOD, which is released with the wire of time, is a pledge of quality for the Mod, as well as stability. Technical Details: – Release Date (RELEASED) : On September the 1st, 2006. (09/01/06) 
– estimated Size of the MOD: between 400-600 Mo. 
– Retextured Surfaces: Whole Sanandreas . 
– Management of LODs: For all great spaces of County, Desert. 
– Textures Size: 1024*1024 (14%) | 512*512 (84%) | 256*256 (2%). 
– Management of Streaming: Hardcoded adresses still not found. 
– Glitches to be envisaged: Disappearance of the landscape on a small scale on the least powerful machines. And glitches due to the change of sounds. List of Special Features: – *OGM_2Pac*’s developing peds Packs for SRt3 (Exclusive) List of Features Which will comes out in the Mod: This list represents the goodies in the mod, included other mods, and innovations brought to this version since the last version. 
– Normal New Grass Retextured (NNGT, dynamic grasses of the game, by me). 
– Deserted New Grass Retextured (NDGT, dynamic and static grasses of the desert, by me). 
– Pack of weapons Very Hi-Res (Replaces all the weapons, by me). 
– Pack de Sons SRs (Sanandeas Re-Sonorized, weapons, impacts, environemental sounds, various effects, musics, menus (By me still: P)). 
– New Vegetation Trees (Pack containing my textures of vegetation, new model 3D of trees, palm trees). 
– New HUD. 
– Detailled Radar MOD (By Ian Albert & BaygoN). 
– All vehicles of circulation Remade (that’s texturing, not 3D models). 
– New Menus 
– MTA: Rv’ S Generics Objects (Barrels, baskets, cases, boxes, etc Textures Hi-Res(By me)). 
– Difficulty of the weapons increased, like their power. (For more realism, by me). 
– Complete Retexturing of County de San Fierro. 
– Complete Retexturing of County de Los Santos. 
– Complete Retexturing of County de San Fierro (Northern). 
– Complete Retexturing of the Desert of Las Venturas. 
– Retexturing of San Fierro (SFSE, SFS, SFSO, SFO). 
– Retexturing of Los Santos (LAe, LAn, LAs). 
– Retexturing of Las Venturas (VGSE, VGS, VGN).File name:srt3_final_installation.exeSize: 226.50 MB


You Are Here (GTA San Andreas Total Conversion Mod)

This is a total conversion mod for San Andreas that basically creates and entirely new game! Based on the SA game engine, You Are Here is a horror game with a mix of adventure and a bunch of zombie action.

The game starts when you wake up in an abandoned city, not knowing who or where you are. Nobody else seems to be around, but the area has a creepy vibe to it. To gather information about what’s going on, you navigate through buildings and basements to piece together clues. You’ll find, though, that you are definitely not alone!

Supporting authors: Johnix, Deniska, BandiT, Cashmachinego!, Selik, Smartbug, Reptai1, CHESTER, Zhooles, Kryder

Replaces: San AndreasFile size: 76.74Mb


San South Park Andreas (Total Conversion Mod)


Author: kal-el5676
Works with: GTA San Andreas
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 31 Aug 2009
Last Updated: 06 Jun 2010
Views: 17278
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.72727


A san andreas south park mod! read the read me for installation instructions. this mod installs like most of my other major mods. Hope you all enjoy, and please rate! features: basic south park map located off the verona beach pier 10 pedestrians including the 4 boys. 4 new weapons 5 dyom 4.1 missions loadscreens, new movies, loading music, menus. credits to moom for original 4 boys models. everything else was modeled and rigged by me. known bugs: peds dont sit in vehicles right, i think its a side affect of how short they are. sometimes boats run through south park. BE SURE TO ADD THE SOUTH FOLDER AND ITS CONTENTS TO YOUR MAP FOLDER ALONGSIDE COUNTRY, LA ECT. i may improve on this mod more later, or make more missions not sure, but i wanna start on gta dawn of the dead.


 any questions, or if i forgot to include anything please let me know! thnx! oh and of course thanks to patrick w and dutchy for dyom! Map Pack Update! Just install the files in the gta3 folder to your gta 3 and replace the south file with the enclosed one. Now prelit with an LOD!


Map Pack Update 2.026 MB
San South Park Andreas 16.605 MB