What is GTAIII?

GTAIII (“Grand Theft Auto 3”) is 3 Part of the popular GTA series. The game is about, from small to big city gangsters hochzuarbeiten to major criminals. Therefore one must assume different characters orders that one then bring in money and respect. But you simply steal a car and also the huge city of Liberty City to explore or to help the rich arsenal of weapons with the police or rival gangs create with. Or just a bit of taxi drivers play times. This is what makes GTA. The freedom to do what you want is straight.


  • GTAIII is held in a fully 3D action game inspired by his playful liberties.
  • The game is set in Liberty City, a 10-acre, free begebaren city divided into districts is approximately 3: Portland (industrial district), Staunton Iceland (business district) and Shoreside Vale (suburban). For further details on the districts.
  • The various districts are separated by water and connected only by bridges and tunnels.These are destroyed or blocked at the beginning and have to play Mission “again to be repaired by. It will start in Portland, then to Iceland and finally to Staunton Staunton Iceland.
  • There are 73 missions that are different in different places order givers receive from, where they declared to be small in cutscenes. Not all of them are needed to finish the game or level to get to the next. Ca. 60% of the missions was in a vehicle, 40% are done on foot.
  • The character is partly Grand Theft Auto, GTA London and GTA2 taken from.
  • It’s a day and night cycle, a day lasts 30 min, the inhabitants of Liberty City’s contract and thus the donor also affected. Sun change their clothes and some passers-by mission to a certain time only to be adopted.
  • The arsenal of weapons the player has 11 weapons (baseball bat, pistol, Uzi, shotgun, AK47, M16, Sniper Rifle, rocket launchers, flame throwers, grenades, Molotov cocktails, accurate under Weapons), which he has to steal or buy. Except for the M16 sniper rifle and automatic weapons can be aimed for with the objectives. In addition, you can also fight with punches and kicks.
  • The player will be depending heavily on the degree of persecution law enforcement officers and the city is pursuing different. It is divided into six levels, from the stars on the screen appear to be in shape. In level 1 is one example only pursued if one is seen, and pretty quickly forgotten “. In level two police presence is greater, in level 3 helicopter is a help with level 4 is the police vans a SWAT, at level begins FBI on this, one to take care of themselves and Level 6 is then form the army permanently in final with Lustig.
  • For the transportation vehicles are next to the feet and also trains, a metro system, boats and even a light aircraft available.
  • approximately 50 different vehicles (a complete list is below it, the Cars) include all possible types such as SUVs, sports cars, vans, etc., each of the vehicles are of it again each five variations. Each has its own driving characteristics, under the weather again in addition to change, and a detailed damage model.
  • The pedestrians of the city, each of which about 20 are visible to the screen on, all have their own activities and interact with each other. They carry out their activity also continued, when they disappeared from the screen once.
  • There are 9 different radio stations, all different music send, for example, HipHop, Country, Classical, etc. Every radio station has about seven different songs.

The HUD looks like this:

The PC version is the PS2 version to offer the following:

  • The graphics have been greatly improved, so the textures of the PS2 version has been significantly revised, what most of the time evolution of the PC version, swallowed the.Their resolution has been increased, they are more detailed and have a greater range of colors. In addition, the frame rate tends to the PS2 version (the rather jerky motion even improved), it gives a smoother game play that. This spectacular graphics on older PCs can unfold its GTAIII, the user maximum number of simultaneously displayed cars and pedestrians to change and adjust the sight.
  • Also the sound of the game has improved, there is now full surround-sound support in order to identify immediately which direction enemies and come from approaching police officers. The best thing is that you can embed your own MP3s now, then the radio stations are selected as their own.
  • Also new is that now the last 30 seconds of his game can watch over and published (called “Action Replay”) – you can then publish his own stunts on the Internet and organize competitions, perhaps.
  • The “Player Skinnable character” feature allows you to Texture (ie BMP files) for the face to use your own, so you can devastate the town soon as Elvis …
  • Now to Steurung: First, there is a “Classic” mode, in which the Steurung like on the PS2 works – that only by keyboard and auto-Aim feature – on the other hand there is a “standard” mode. This Steurung works like a first person shooter, so the mouse and keyboard.
  • It is, unfortunately, contrary to first assumed no multiplayer mode in GTAIII give.

The release date of the PC version is the 31st May 2002

The city of Liberty City, “plays in the GTAIII is divided into three districts:

Liberty City’s industrial area. Here you will find the docks, the red light district, warehouses, factories, supermarkets, garages – and especially people with whom you with useful “props” can stock up very you. Portland is a melting pot for easy girls, pimps, casual, breezy Attorneys and other dubious figures. The crime is alive and has long been the Mafia here say. But now to the triads have a piece of cake. For months the battle rages for supremacy in Portland.

The business district. Here during the day wrap the rich and powerful, the makers and managers from their usual business: cash bribes, illegal insider shares make deals and sell their grandmother for a handful of dollars. At night the streets of Staunton Iceland left desolate and very dangerous.

A picturesque suburban oasis of peace and righteousness – at least at first glance. Here live many of Liberty’s “arrived gangsters with swimming pool, manicured lawn and quintuple-garage. A Villa blutbeschmiertem money paid ranks with the pretentious to the other – guarded by security gorillas, so the bored cliques mother’s looking for a bit of fun not silly ideas come richer. The designer dogs groomed and Edeljeeps paint a deceptive image of decency and morality – but do not be fooled, here are the souls of black.

GTAIII was by Rockstar Studios (formerly DMA Design) develops, produced by Rockstar Games and Take2 publisht in Europe. The two previous GTA and GTA2 was also developed by this team.More information: