GTA San Andreas Info


The 80s are over and in Florida metropolis of Vice City’s nothing going on. go to’s in the western United States, let’s get in the sunny state of San Andreas. In place of GTA III and Vice City you need it no longer a city limit on, but can a whole state with three cities – Los Santos (in ajar Los Angeles), San Fierro (based on San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas applied to) – make sure. The area of San Andreas to five times the size of Vice City be about what constitutes an enormous leap.

Time is GTA San Andreas in the early 90s, settled. The main character, the will to control it, is Carl Johnson. More about the story you learn in the story section.


Rockstar Games GTA represent it in the philosophy, in a continuation of a little to create completely new, while the self and the GTA series, but to remain faithful. Therefore, Rockstar North endeavor in GTA San Andreas GTA-the familiar atmosphere – which his predecessor had been so unique – to maintain, but also useful to expand the gameplay. Vice City a few more playful innovations to GTA III offered, compared to San Andreas the genre with new ideas to refresh while.

According to Andreas, the player must be his eighth in San health on. Be it the food, what you need now to take her, or to decide whether their car take that, or way to overcome the next crime walk, everything affects your physical condition, in a stamina meter and displayed is detained. Do you therefore again the 20 meters to the donut shop used the car for you to taste sweet pastry with a hole to let the then kilo, so slow and Carl Johnson is in bold. The only way out now is probably only one visit to the gym or a round on the bike through the city. On other aspects of your appearance, you can also exert influence. So it is indeed possible in San Andreas, to the hairdresser to go to the hair can be cut.

Even the indoor venues will be given greater attention in San Andreas. So you can for the first time in the history of GTA series, rob houses, which is not so easy is, however, steal cars, but requires extensive planning. For the money loaned to you, you can now – like in Vice City – buy houses. What is new is that their money but also the gamble in casinos and can multiply. If you have enough money, you can even manage casinos and play.

A novelty will be that in the course of their history learn different skills can. If ye at the beginning of such bombs might still burns the finger, you will in the end may be smaller “8-Ball” will be a. This depends on how you cope with the missions. Sidequests you can important skills for the main missions provide Sun

A small but important change – the fans since GTA III claim – was now realized at last. The main character – Carl Johnson – can swim. During a jump cool water in GTA III and Vice City death by drowning, meant to, can you now Previous swim to shore.


Since San Andreas first exclusively for the PlayStation 2 will be released GTA also, Rockstar North usedthe same engine as in GTA III and Vice City. However, it was not on the bad skin, but in some places has improved the engine to the best possible graphics and game environment to offer the player.

For the first time it is in San Andreas also real-time reflections on the cars enter. Who needs a mirror so even if he freshly polished car in San Andreas has a? The shadow-effects have been revised for the first time you will now have a vibrant and dynamic shadows.

To the cities and night to present in detail in the now can get the building separate textures for the nightso that the illusion of the dark night is still reinforced.


Has always been the sound and background music is a very special treat in GTA. In San Andreas this should be maintained. So it is again a wide range of different styles of music heard in the radio to give.Even on the purchase of licenses of the top hits of the early nineties, Rockstar Games has thought of.Whether your preference is now Rock (Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, Poison, Guns’n’Roses & Smashing Pumpkins), likes pop music (sounds Salt’n’Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Inner Circle, KLF & Massive Attack), Hip-Hop Fans are (NWA, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Fugees, Coolio & Public Enemy) or indie tracks are done The (The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Verve, Symphony & Radiohead), San Andreas definitely use your taste.

Important for the atmosphere quality is also the voice actor. Similar to its predecessors, it is also in San Andreas on experienced voice actor, famous actors and other big stars as the voices of the characters back.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

In GTA III and Vice City had the behavior of pedestrians is often very strange and extremely stupid. In order to prevent this in San Andreas, you get every passerby an individual “character”, to the realistic reactions – such as shootings – can be certain to respond him. The dialogues of the passers are much more complex and take much longer than in Vice City. We can therefore make a lot of hidden jokes passed on. We listen carefully worthwhile.

Also on the degree of difficulty in making the team at Rockstar North thought. How is it possible for beginners and hardcore gamers to combine the requests? The answer is a dynamic difficulty level!When the game then noticed that a player is not equal to the requirements, so the missions will be easier. Masters her but all with ease, and it will difficult the AI your missions.


San Andreas, a state in the western United States. Life in San Andreas pulsates particularly at three locations in the cities Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). And in one of three cities – Los Santos – the story begins our main character, Carl Johnson.

You are Carl Johnson, your hometown Los Santos, you have the death of your brother Brian was five years back in the direction of Liberty City (the city from GTA III) turned to. The company of your older brother Sweet, the responsibility for Brian’s death makes you, and all the other things that remind you of your old life are too unbearable to stay in Los Santos. But your stay in Liberty City ends abruptly, because your mother is suddenly killed. To attend the funeral, you will travel back to Los Santos. But here is nothing like it was: your family and your gear is at odds with no influence on the road. Nothing could induce you to stay in Los Santos, but everything changes when two corrupt police and a murder attach your gear to you. The fronts have to be straightened again, for a policeman to learn this: it was a mistake to you – Carl Johnson – a fight with. And peace comes only one back when San Andreas under your power is all about. No matter what it wanted …


Carl “CJ” Johnson

Carl Johnson is the main playable character in San Andreas. After the death of his mother, he returns to Los Santos. With his brother Sweet is not always at odds, because this makes him the death of her brother Brian is responsible for. CJ enjoys listening to Hip-Hop and is a member of the Grove Street Families “course.

Sean “Sweet” Johnson

Sweet is Carl’s older brother. Since the death of her brother Brian is their relationship strained, Sweet Carl Brian’s death responsible for doing there. Sweet is one of the leading members of the Grove Street Families. “

Melvin “Big Smoke” Harris

Smoke is a longtime friend of the Johnsons. The overweight man is a member of the Grove Street Families and lives in a small house in Idlewood, Los Santos.

Lance “Ryder” Wilson

Ryder is one of the oldest CJs friends. He is a totally convinced member of the Grove Street Families. “

Kendl Johnson

Kendl is the sister of Carl and Sweet. She is mad at Carl, as it has abandoned his family, when she really needed it. Even with their other brother Sweet she fights very often.

Mark “B-Dup” Wayne

B-Dup is another of the ‘Grove Street Families. ” However, rumor has it that he is increasingly turning away from the gang activity and carries others. His home is in Ganton, Los Santos.

Jeffery “OG Loc” Martin

OG Loc is a wannabe gangsta rapper. His worst crime was, however, parking in no parking. Accordingly, his music sounds. You should be so dear to him and his music go out of his way. He lives in Ganton, Los Santos.


Cesar is Carl’s friend and brother-in-law. He is an absolute car nut and you will meet him in San Fierro.

Wu Zi Mu

Mu Wu Zi is the intermediary of the Chinese Mafia in San Fierro,. He is blind but still no less dangerous.