GTA Vice City Info

      Welcome to Vice City. Welcome to the 80s.Tommy Vercetti has a long prison sentence in a maximum security prison behind him. Now he is back in Liberty City. But once again at large, he is his old boss, Sonny Forelli, to Vice City posted by. People were understandably become somewhat nervous, as Tommy in Liberty City turned up again, and it seemed a good idea to him some money to send to the south with easy to do business there, too. But not everything goes smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. Even in its first transaction, he falls into a trap, and suddenly money or goods as without. Sonny wants coal from him back his, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters and corrupt politicians are in his way. It seems quite Vice City Tommy wants to be counted. For him there is only one way out: He has to fight back and take over the city itself.In the decade of the wild hairstyles, the excess and pastel suits playing the story of a man who has his way to the top of the world of crime paves: GRAND THEFT AUTO returns this October for the PlayStation 2 Vice City is a vast city structure that includes a variety of areas: beaches and marshes, expensive business district, entertainment mile and ghettos.

      Vice City is the most versatile, most complete and most vibrant digital city ever created. A non-linear gameplay combined with an exciting story about the protagonist throws you in one city in which it of thrills and dangers as swarming. It is you, to you to seize this town – and it’s up to you how you hire it.Vice City is one of the major gates to South America and the Caribbean and attracts so many immigrants. People meet there various types, and each finds kindred and friends. It’s socialize here in the Sun Temple of America, and the newcomer learns all sorts of nice to know people quickly. Sportsmen, pop stars, real estate speculators, run-down types, each prefers to Vice City.Everyone wants to find out why it is the fastest growing city in America is the. But, as Tommy will soon learn, honesty is also a rare trait and trust in most cases appropriate.Vice City offers fun for everyone. For speed freaks, there are racy little numbers and fast motorcycles. Sporty types jet with a speed boat or a golf cart through the spectacular scenery. And who is looking for the great freedom can charter a helicopter and beauty of Vice City from the air to enjoy.That in the metropolis of America, hot rhythms and pounding beats can expect Party Sure, but in this city is the true punk like this. It’ll create the ears, when you’re through Vice City’s radio station zappst. If you in the mood for action, then you pull in or greasy rock-hard electro sound.Perhaps you want but cool Soul let it all hang out in it. And if you so want to disable right times, they are a great, romantic anthems that brought you into another world.all action fans wait for tons of guaranteed fun and adventure. For those who like to explore the unknown, put vice city full of surprises.

        The city beat you in their spell with their vibrant, life-like inhabitants, and the countless things there are to be discovered.GRAND THEFT AUTO: Vice City offers the most colorful, most versatile and most ambitious interactive entertainment that has been created. The game is developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games published by.